Newborn Lifestyle

This is one of my absolute favorite types of sessions! Just being with a family, comfortable in their own home, with a newborn and the big brother!



Here we are..

The ending of another season. The past few months have been pretty amazing. Ive rediscovered my love of yoga. Completed a 30 day yoga challenge. Ive fallen in love with hiking. Spent some great days on the beach, as I do every summer with my boys and our friends. And I have shot many, many families. Busiest season to date and Ive enjoyed every minute. Here are just a few of those families.


Happy Summer!!

It’s unofficially summer here on the Jersey Shore. Today was a windy day on the beach, but I always feel calmed and relaxed after I leave. With the awful news from Orlando I needed that. My prayers are with everyone affected.

Business always picks up for me in the summer and this year is no different. Its going to be a fun summer enjoying time with my clients!

I wanted to post some images from some shoots over the past few months. Im so terrible at keeping up with my blog! Im going to try harder…I promise!


Catching up

The last few weeks have been crazy ones here. With the good weather, I have been shooting like mad and in between…baseball! 

 Here are just a few of the shoots I’ve had. 


And this one I did in Asbury Park a few weeks ago…more of this to come. 


The unposed image

I don’t know how many times it has happened at a shoot, the mom is stressed because the 3 year old won’t sit still. The 7 year old won’t smile. The 10 year old is teasing his sister. And I just keep firing the camera away. Because sometimes these are my favorite images. The ones when you all are just being you. Playing. Laughing. Teasing. So full of love and FUN. IMG_0514

And then 2 posed because, um, they are just gorgeous!IMG_0276 Forrest