Newborn Lifestyle

This is one of my absolute favorite types of sessions! Just being with a family, comfortable in their own home, with a newborn and the big brother!



Here we are..

The ending of another season. The past few months have been pretty amazing. Ive rediscovered my love of yoga. Completed a 30 day yoga challenge. Ive fallen in love with hiking. Spent some great days on the beach, as I do every summer with my boys and our friends. And I have shot many, many families. Busiest season to date and Ive enjoyed every minute. Here are just a few of those families.


Catching up

The last few weeks have been crazy ones here. With the good weather, I have been shooting like mad and in between…baseball! 

 Here are just a few of the shoots I’ve had. 


And this one I did in Asbury Park a few weeks ago…more of this to come.